BB CREAM + SPF50 30 ml.
  •  BB CREAM + SPF50 30 ml.
  •  BB CREAM + SPF50 30 ml.

BB CREAM + SPF50 30 ml.


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  • Product Code: BB CREAM + SPF50 30 ml.
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BB give you a smooth skin.

It combines two functions of sun protection and of foundation to cover the skin perfectly in one bottle.

Black tomato extract and vitamin B3  keep skin smooth and radiant.

The BB cream has multiple effects that can firm skin, covering, smooth skin, control oil,

refreshing all day, sunscreen SPF50. Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to the skin, making it firm and moist;

Black Tomato Extract and Vitamin B3 fight free radicals effectively and remove dirt from the skin,

recovering the skin to soft and elastic; Nano whitening factors can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase,

which is the main cause of pigmentation. combined with the effects of glutathione and hyaluronic acid

that can brighten the skin, make the dark spots and dull skin lighter; hydrolyzed collagen makes the skin soft,

elastic, and give you a healthy glow skin.

1. Cover skin perfectly, even skin tone and radiant.

2. UVA UVB sunscreen protection

3. Not greasy, no trace

4. Waterproof, sweat resistant the whole day.

1. Apply BB cream evenly on the face and neck to make the skin smooth, white and soft.

2. It should be used 15 minutes before going out every day. 

1. Black Tomato Extract

2. Titanium dioxide

3. Nano whitening technology